HackWimbledon 15.0 - Stick to the JavaScript

When - Saturday 13th - Wimbletech @ the Wimbledon Library

What - By popular request, we’re having a JavaScript session at HackWimbledon. Whether you want to hack a web server up, hack with your browser, hack on devices or just learn some JavaScript, then this will be the session for you. Anything JavaScript related is in scope and we expect there to be some regulars working on a JavaScript application for the web, while the curator will be showing the wonders of programming with Node.js on tiny devices.

There’ll be something for everyone who’s interested in coding at all sizes, and if you aren’t come along for the atmosphere and hack on what you want, or just chat and soak up the creativity (or the tea).

So see you there. Remember to RSVP at Meetup so we have an idea about how many are coming.

HackWimbledon 14.0 - Open Hack Day - August 30th

The last HackWimbledon was themed so this next event has no theme…  It’s an open hack day at HackWimbledon 14.0. Thats how we roll now. Theme, Open day, Theme, Open day.

What happens on an open day? Come along with your project or idea to mingle and make with similar minded folk. Stuck for an idea? See if we can inspire you. Want to get started? Bring along a laptop and we’ll introduce you to some basics. Or just hang out as we break out our current projects and work on them together. Open hack days are what you make them and at HackWimbledon we love to make things!

It’s all happening at the Wimbletech campus, upstairs at the Wimbledon Library.

RSVP at the HackWimbledon 14.0 Meetup page as usual, sign up with Meetup if you haven’t so you can RSVP. While you’re there, why not check out the pics from previous events?

HackWimbledon 13.0: Wireless without Wifi - August 16th

Wireless without Wifi - when you talk about wireless, people generally think of WiFi or Bluetooth. But at HackWimbledon 13.0 we’ll be showing you how you can use some really low cost bits to create wireless networks of small devices. We’ll have a selection of Cisesco SRF boards and gadgets and put together a simple mesh of devices. We should also have some other wireless trickery in the form of NFC and RFID readers. So it’s a must come if you are curious about how to cut the cord on your gadgets.

And of course, we have general hacking, making, creating and illuminating. We have Arduinos and assistance if this is your first time and ideas and components if it isn’t. Whatever your project, whatever state its in, come along and enjoy the atmosphere of everyone making together.

This’ll also be the last chance to propose a project that could use a netbook to win a netbook (to propose, say to Dj “My idea for a netbook project is…”). We’ll be presenting the netbook at the end of the day. There’s already some proposals in so be quick.

RSVP now on Meetup!

HackWimbledon 12.0 - Open Hack Surgery - August 2nd

We usually have a theme for the HackWimbledon events, but this one is the first of what we hope will be a regular special. Open Hack Surgery days are about bringing in your problems and projects and helping others solve their project problems. Come in and consult with our specialist Hacktiatrists who’ll be on hand to help you resolve the unresolved, fix the unfixable, break the unbreakable and ique the unique (ed: is that right?). And while you’re waiting, make, create and illuminate with other hackers - we may even come up with a side challenge to build on the day. 

So basically its open day of hacking from 11am till 4pm with help on hand. Want to come along and join in the fun? Well get signing up now at Meetup!

Remember to bring at least a laptop for hacking and be prepared to learn and teach, because that’s what HackWimbledon’s about - Making, Creating and Illuminating.

PS. After 4pm, we pack up and adjourn for a drinkette at The Alexandra next door, so if you want to wind down or just network with the hard core HackWimbledoners, meet you in the pub.

HackWimbledon 11.0 - ARMy Chips

TL;DR: Next event July 19, Wimbletech Campus - Sign up and RSVP on Meetup

If you are new to the idea of HackWimbledon, it works like this. We get together on July 19th at Wimbletech from 11am onwards and we try and make things. Digital things. From tiny controller devices to whatever project you can imagine. What you’ll find at HackWimbledon are like-minded makers who can help out. If you’re new to making, bring along a laptop and have a play with one of our Arduino kits (You won’t believe how satisfying getting your first LED to blink is…) and start exploring.  

And we always have a theme for each event. This time its about ARM processor chips, the British design at the heart of the Raspberry Pi, most likely your phone and well, so many devices. It comes in many forms too so for those who want a meatier processor than an Arduino, the ARM chip is the place to go. This HackWimbledon, we’ll have a whole bunch of ARM based boards including the Arduino Due, the Freescale FRDM and some others for folks to have a look at and see what they can come up with.

If you want to see what happened last week, check out the photoalbum on Meetup where you can see some Google Cardboard and the new Wimbletech rooms where we will be residing!

We’ll also be having another go at giving away a Netbook to a worthy project. If you have an idea for some making project which could use a small netbook running Linux at its heart, come along, pitch it to the curator and at the end of the day, he’ll pick the most worthy/interesting/fun/silly project that has tickled his fancy to get the device. You get to make your thing - whatever it is, the curator will be available to mentor - and come back when its done to show the HackWimbledon folk. Sound fun? Give it a go!

Anyway, all the jollity and makery will run till 4pm when we move to HackWimbledon 11.1… in the Alexandra pub next door to the Library to relax and chat.

Talking of things outside events, we’re experimenting with a rather nice service called Slack.com which is a web based chat and collaboration system with native Windows, Mac, iOS and Android clients. It’s free to use so drop a mail to the curator at codepope@gmail.com and he can send you an invitation. We’re hoping that the conversations that start in person at HackWimbledon carry on on Slack. If you’re on Twitter, remember to follow @hackwimbledon anyways… 

So there you have it. Come along, make, create and illuminate at this next HackWimbledon and join in the fun. Just remember to sign up and RSVP on the HackWimbledon Meetup page!

This is the netbook prize in the project challenge at HackWimbledon 10.0 - got an idea for a project using this machine - you tell us and the best project idea gets the netbook… And mentoring for the project… And a chance to return and tell us how it worked out. So come along to HackWimbledon 10.0…

This is the netbook prize in the project challenge at HackWimbledon 10.0 - got an idea for a project using this machine - you tell us and the best project idea gets the netbook… And mentoring for the project… And a chance to return and tell us how it worked out. So come along to HackWimbledon 10.0

HackWimbledon 10.0 - Scripts and bits

It’s the tenth HackWimbledon and my, how time flies. For a theme, we’re going to go back, by request, to JavaScript - controlling devices with it, devices that let you run JavaScript on them, hacking JavaScript in your web browser and any other trickery involving the ubiquitous language. We’ll also have the Raspberry Pi wheeled bot out, BeagleBones, some cheap and cheerful Arduino screens (and Arduinos for beginners and others to hack on) and generally everything you might want to play with. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm to build, curiosity to learn, experience to teach and a laptop to hack on.

And there’s going to be a give-away. We have a rather sweet Dell netbook which would make a fine addition to a makers toolkit. It’s loaded with Linux so its also a good option to start with that. To be in with a shot, you’ll have to describe the project you’d want to use the netbook for - be original, be ambitious - over lunch and the curator will (under advisement) select the most worthy recipient. Oh did I mention it’s a lovely red colour? That might be important.

This HackWimbledon will be taking place in the new WimbleTech Campus rooms which will have just been renovated and prepared for their new life as a hot desk environment. Come along and you’ll also see the new “chat-n-relax” area with en suite screenery and improved catering zone. It’s all jolly exciting and a good reason to consider our hosts, WimbleTech, when you want some cool hot desk space in Wimbledon.

Anyway, back to the hacking and place remember to RSVP on Meetup and most importantly, do try and make it on the day. After 4pm, we’ll adjourn next door to the Alexandra for refreshing pop and other imbibements!

HackWimbledon 9.0 - Watching Paint Dry

21 June, 11am to 4pm, at the Wimbletech Campus. You know how it is when the real world intrudes on your hacking fun, well, this HackWimbledon is going to be a little like that as our hosts at Wimbletech will be having a bit of a mad weekend painting and preparing the space for the latest expansion of the Wimbletech campus. We’re going to be having a HackWimbledon, but be prepared for it to possibly be interrupted… and if you love paint and paint products, talk to David who’ll have an offer you might be able to refuse.

So, what do we have for HackWimbledon 9.0? Bones and Beans. For those interested I’ll be showing what you can do with the newest BeagleBone Blacks… if you want something that isn’t a Raspberry Pi, you’ll want to see these compact little powerhouses. And I’ll have some Light Blue Beans to play with - these are tiny battery powered, Bluetooth enabled Arduino-compatible boards - you will be startled by how cute they are.

And as always there’s going to be Arduino boards and help for those of you who want to hack, the last few bits of a robot arm needing setting up and whatever else we can muster on the day. So come along, bring a laptop to hack, and lets see what we can do while the paint dries….

And after 4pm, we adjourn across the way to the cooling space that is The Alexandra for a wind down and a natter.

Remember to sign up at the HackWimbledon Meetup page for this event and see you there!

HackWimbledon 8.0 - 7 June - Wired!

At the last meetup of HackWimbledon (7.0), it was all about wireless with wireless quadcopters and a Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi robot chassis roaming the floor.


This meetup, we’re going the other way and talking wired! In particular, we’re going to talk about controlling Arduino’s and other devices over a wire, so you can for example control illuminations and motors from a PC. We’ll also be looking at the pros and cons of wired networking, going down to component level controlling electronics with just one wire and generally saying hurrah for the sturdy electron carrier that is wire!

As always, you can also come along and work on your own or other peoples projects or make use of our HackWimbledon Arduino’s and assistance to make your first steps into making with digital devices. All are welcome to come and enjoy, make, create and illuminate! 

We will be, as usual, at the WimbleTech Campus, upstairs of Wimbledon library. You don’t need to turn up for all five hours, but be warned, you may get hooked and spend a lot longer than you expected. If you want to hack, bring a laptop - It’s one thing we can’t supply. We have Wi-Fi to get you online.

RSVP today on the Meetup page so we know you are coming and can adjust plans as needed. And do let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see as a theme for a HackWimbledon meetup in the future! 

PS. Remember to follow @hackwimbledon on Twitter too.

HackWimbledon 7.0 - 24 May - Wireless

Come along to the next HackWimbledon and make, create and illuminate with like minded makers and hackers. If you’re new to things, bring a laptop and enthusiasm and we’ll set you up with an Arduino microcontroller and some components and have you making things that flash to your command by the end of the day while you are surrounded by the other HackWimbledoners and their projects. It’s all about meeting up, working together, learning and making. Or if you want to try and get a robot arm to do clever stuff, the group has an inhouse project all about that and a Mearm to play with….

As we like to have a theme, for HW7.0 the question is what would we do without wires? The answer is, of course, go wire less and we’ll have a variety of wireless devices to inspire you, from a remote Arduino talking to a Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth accessible gadgets to Wifi enabled Pi’s and other Linux devices. So, if you want to control your creations from afar, this is where you want to be inspired.

The location is, as usual, at the WimbleTech campus, upstairs at Wimbledon Library. The time, from 11am to 4pm - be early to get a full day hack on!

You’ll want to join up and RSVP at the HackWimbledon Meetup.com page so what are you waiting for!